The Biblical Principles Of Leadership

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Biblical Principles
Leadership can be rewarding in ministry as well as business if it is done in a biblical manner. Leadership can and will be challenging God does not tell us that doing things His way will be easy. Jesus tells us that following Him can and will come with persecution in 2 Timothy 3:12, “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted (English Standard Version).” Although we may be persecuted for living a godly life this is what we are called to do in ministry, business and home. When we are in a leadership position it is imperative that we lead a godly life because we are an influence on those we are leading. There are many challenges in leadership and we do not always put them in a
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2014). Understanding the needs of people will also be a challenge in ministry.
Among the challenge of understanding the people that you are ministering to or with is the challenge of being able to maintain high standards of moral behavior in a challenging environment (Martin.n.d). There is also the challenge of ever changing volunteers and the lack of volunteers (Martin.,n.d). As a Christian leader, we tend to believe that there will always be an abundance of volunteers to serve God but that is not always the case as I have witnessed personally.
For the last year, I was in the position of women’s ministry leader at church which I found to be much harder than I thought. It was not that I felt I could not lead but I found you cannot lead those that do not want to be led. I was led to do activities that would bring a gospel message to the women of the church while having fellowship. I found that day to day activities were much more important to the ladies in our church. The events that were the most successful, unfortunately were the ones that were of fellowship, little worship time and cost each person money to participate. My biggest challenge in this was coming to terms with the fact that the ladies have the choice whether or not they want to deepen their relationship with Christ through fellowship and the gospel. God gave us choices and I have to accept that some do not always choose to
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