The Biblical Story Of Adam And Eve

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The influence of the biblical story of Adam and Eve is very apparent in Rappaccinis Daughter. This being said, it is disappointing that little to no criticisms are found on this topic. Nathanial Hawthorns, Rappaccinis daughter, is an Allusion of Adam and Eve and therefore an allegory. When approached with a readers responds critique, one is reminded of the biblical story of Adam and Eve, the creation of man. The story of Adam and Eve happens in Genesis chapter 2 and 3. Long story short, god made Adam and eve to look after Eden, he told them to never eat from the tree of knowledge. A serpent, Satan, persuaded eve to eat the fruit of knowledge, and she persuaded Adam to do the same, when god found out they were banned from Eden. If you switch some of the characters and setting you are given a story close to Rappaccinis Daughter. Giovanni would be Adam and Beatrice would be eve, the serpent would be Rappaccini himself and the bush covered in purple flowers represents the tree of knowledge. In this version of the creation of man, everything is manipulated. The serpent, Rappaccini plays god. He changes what god has done into a perversion. Rappaccini, never persuaded Beatrice to smell the flowers, he exposed it to her, making her immune. Giovanni falls for this eve and is now stuck to this poisons sin. Scholars approach this recreated story of the creation of man with the idea of that it follows the tide of an imaginative scenario of human breeding and tyranny, exploring the
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