The Big Band Swing Style Of Jazz Essay

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING: You should print this page and then use a word processor to prepare your answers. Doing so will allow you to have a copy of your work in the event something should happen when you return online to submit your work. Describe the big-band swing style of jazz. Some considerations that might help you answer this question are: What are the characteristics of the music? What was the size and instrumentation (what instruments) for the big band? Describe the typical swing "chart." What are the typical forms used? What was the order for performance? (6 points) The big-band swing style of jazz was often arranged in advance. The standard texture of swing pieces was homophony instead of polyphonic. The melody part was ofen harmonized with block chords underneath. Different instruments often played together to create the same rhythm. The block harmony was used in the brass section as an arrangement and the trumpet was responsible for the melody. The call and response was a common technique used in the big bands. The big bands often consisted of ten or more performers. In regards to instruments, there were usually totally five saxophones, including two alto saxes, two tenor saxes, and one baritone sax. The other woodwind instruments of sax players often doubled, such as flute, clarinet and oboe. There were three to five trumpets. Cornets were often not be used. There were two to five trombone that served as the lower melody under the trumpet chord. The rhythm

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