The Big Bang Theory And The Revolution Of A New Generation

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The Big Bang Theory What exactly is the Big Bang Theory? I know before starting this essay I knew very little of what it consisted. I figured that the Big Bang Theory had something to with the era of a new generation. One in which started after the extinction of dinosaurs to be quite honest. As I learn more about astronomy, this topic struck an interest and technically the big bang theory isn’t something that occurred but rather something that happened. It started the beginning of what we now call the universe. When we ask astronomers what the big bang theory entails, it is simplified as the explanation on how the universe started or began. The universe was not what it currently is today and in order to understand our universe we have to obviously start from somewhere so why no start to the beginning? According to astronomers there is little known about how the universe was started but as far as we know it started with a gravitational singularity. Singularities are believed to exist at the center of black holes. The singularities then inflated over the next 13.8 billion years to what we see in the sky today. It’s hard to look back in time and see how the universe came about, but astronomers can somewhat summarize the birth through mathematical theory and models of how the Big bang theory came about. Although Astronomers weren’t able to see how the universe came about, they are able to see an expansion through a phenomenon known as the cosmic microwave background which is
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