The Big Bang Theory Ideologies Essay

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There are many common ideologies found in today’s culture and they are often supported in television shows, television ads, and other sources of media. The Big Bang Theory is just one of many shows that embraces ideologies and stereotypes that are found in culture today, such as cultural myths about geeks, culture, and women.
The Big Bang Theory characterizes intellectuals, particularly men as unsexy, unpopular, bad athletes, unstylish, and social inept children looking for a mother figure. These ideologies are wrong but it continues to predominate in the mass media, which wants us to believe that those who are very smart or academic are not attractive to the opposite sex. One character on The Big Bang Theory is Rajesh "Raj"
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Wolowitz still lives at home with his extremely loud, overly informative, obnoxious mother. He is also explicitly portrayed as the creepiest and least likable character on the show. Wolowitz is completely out of touch with women and usually just ends up offending them when he attempts to interact with them. Here viewers are presented with several traits all popularly associated with young Jewish men. Another example is Amy Farrah Fowler who is a neuroscientist that is conventionally unattractive, has difficulty with communication and building relationships, and has the same sexual and relational desires that everyone else does (Zuska, 2010).
The remaining female characters that appear in the series are generally there to be gratuitously objectified and competed for by the male cast. The character Penney fits into the typical “girl next door” character type in several ways. Firstly, she’s blonde and very attractive. She also hails from the Nebraska and works as a waitress as she tries to become a professional actress. Penny is initially portrayed as a sweet, unintelligent individual who gets by on her good looks and charm rather than possessing a strong intellect or talents. Finally, Penny fits the stereotype of a beautiful young neighbor by being presented as rather sexually promiscuous. Men are often seen leaving her apartment the morning after she's been on a date, and in episode 401,“The Robotic Manipulation,” Sheldon seems to

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