The Big Brothers Big Sisters Essay

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Introduction There are several criminological theories in play based on a variety of perspectives as to the causes of criminal behavior. For this assignment, I have chosen to address the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and how it coincides with Travis Hirschi’s Social Control Theory. Based on the elements in Hirschi’s Social Control Theory I will discuss how the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is beneficial in deterring the youths of today from participating in deviant behavior and becoming the criminals of tomorrow. To better the comprehension of their coexistence, I will first discuss the elements of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and the Social Control Theory individually and then combine their individual elements to explain how they can effectively work together to deter crime. Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program Summary Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program offered in a number of communities nationwide. The program allows an adult volunteer “Big” and a child “Little” to form a bond. When these relationships are developed, they are meant to have a “direct and lasting effect on the lives of the young children that are involved”. The goal of this program is to allow the children that are participating to know that they have the ability to succeed and thrive. The adults in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program provide the children (aged 6-18) with a “strong, enduring, and professionally supported one-to-one relationship. It is important for these children to have
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