The Big Business And Economy

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The big businesses that dominated the United States during the nineteenth century should not be considered Robber Barons. Although some people’s livelihoods were destroyed, they were not setting out just to ruin people’s lives. They wanted to industrialize, make money, and make the United States’ economy more stable. If they continued to operate on a small scale, then the money would continue to be scarce for everyone as it had been in the past. They had to do something different in order to see any kind of change in the way things were going. Without people willing to try new innovative ideas, we would have never become this huge industrial powered nation America is today. The bigger businesses often swept up many of the smaller businesses in the process of industrializing, but in the end it all worked out to make the American economy better and avoid more depressions. In John Tipple’s Big Business and Economy, it is clear that he believes that the big businesses of the late nineteenth century were Robber Barons. Before the Civil War, businesses were operated locally. After the Civil War, the railroad allowed everything to industrialize and operate over a larger area. The needs of the people were very high after the Civil War. Rich resources allowed businessmen the opportunity to gain wealth. New inventions and discoveries allowed businessmen to take this wealth and turn it into even larger amounts of wealth. However, the wealth was not evenly distributed; it was
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