The Big Data Is A Significant Subject Of Modern Times With The Rapid Advancement Of New Technologies

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Abstract— Big Data is a significant subject in modern times with the rapid advancement of new technologies for example, smart phones, PC/laptops, game consoles, that all in some way store information. Big companies require a place to not only store all the data that is coming in but to also analyze it for specific purposes and at the fastest speed manageable. There exist numerous different providers out there who provide this service, this paper will talk about one way the company Google handles data using their own special made platform.
In modern times, the amount of data being stored is terrifically large. Companies must deal with such abundance of data on a daily basis in both storing and analyzing as fast as they can.
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• Velocity- Data streams in at unparalleled speed.
• Variety- Data comes in several formats, including documents or audio or even email.
Management of Big Data is useful with how one handles the information. Ways to use the stored information include, but not limited to, reduction of costs, time reductions, and making smart decisions based on data results. [1]
Defined before as information not so straightforward to interpret, instead of the easy to read data that is the structured method. Unstructured data is generated in media like email messages, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and also media like JPEG images, MP3 audio files [9]. These results factor into whatever type of data analytics the company is after.
B. BIG DATA FINISH These results are vital for banking, retail, government, etc.…, which use the information to noticed habits of people inside and outside the company, who provided the info. The information not only helps notice the habits of people, however, it also aids in figuring out trends and what news is big from following data from social media. [1]
3. WHAT IS THE CLOUD Figure 1- representation of the cloud
The cloud, or cloud computing (basically internet computing), is a net based resource that allows sharing computer resources without the need of local servers.[2] Not only does it not make use of local
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