The Big Data Related Activities

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The world is changing with respect to the growth in big data and to the way in which it is used. Growth in big data brings with it many challenges, but it also presents new opportunities. Figure 1, helps understand some of the big data related activities that are taking place in the world with respect to volume of data that is being consumed by these activities over the next 5 years. Fig. 1: Data is predicted to grow to more than 160,000 terabytes in the next 5 years. Apple was Teradata’s “fastest ever customer to a petabyte” and, is operating a multiple-petabyte Teradata system. Walmart’s operational system was at 3 petabytes as of 2009, and uses separate ones for Walmart, Sam’s Club and a backup system as well. eBay’s primary data…show more content…
Retailers are partnering with data providers and consumer databases to meet customer experience expectations. It is important for brands to stand out as increasing number of consumers are starting to shop online. Quality data can give marketers unique insights so that they can target highly personalized digital marketing provide a great shopping experience. The global big data integration software leader, released findings from its survey at the impact of the cloud on data and application integration. The survey carried over 100 IT managers and directors. The results detail current cloud usage and showcase the growing demand for cloud-based data storage, integration and analytics. An enterprise manages eight SaaS applications on an average. Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Dropbox are among the most frequently SaaS apps in use. Cost is cited as the prohibiting factor by companies that are yet to incorporate a good number of Saas applications. However, there are a few companies who do not consider it to be a priority and have integrated SaaS apps with others. Companies having cloud integration platforms and integration Platform-as-a-Service solutions, have big data on the top of the priority list of additional capabilities. Big Data gives one the ability to collect, manage and analyze large amounts of data, leading to changes in the way companies deal with customers, resulting in increased profits and a competitive edge over other companies. Big data is
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