The Big Day-Personal Narrative

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It was finally the “big day”. The annual single’ night was tonight and it was time for Brett, 28, to find a soulmate. It was was great way to convene with many people because they all lived in the area and were people Brett knew, just didn’t want to talk to on his own. He had been preparing for this night ever since he was in eighth grade when he decided it was time for a girlfriend. Brett had been tragically rejected countless times over the past 15 years. Perhaps it was be cause of his odd odor or maybe even his disturbing facial expressions. That all didn’t matter tonight because something just told him that tonight he would meet his future spouse. Brett had a million things to accomplish before single’s night and the first thing on his…show more content…
He struggled to keep up with traffic on his small bike, but eventually made it to the dry cleaner’s. Brett successfully completed all of his tasks and managed to get everything on his bike home safely, and just in time to get ready for his thrilling night. After the well-dressed man child was ready his mother picked him up in her car, so he wouldn’t ruin his suit. The real reason his mother didn’t want his riding his bike was because she didn’t want his looking like the loser he was in front of his new girlfriend. It was go time. Brett’s mother dropped him off at Denny’s where single’s night was taking place. In was time for the new debut of the new Brett, for no one had ever see him so dressed up for such an occasion. Brett reluctantly stepped out of the car, not wanting to get rejected for the billionth time. He mustered all of his courage and stepped into the dimly lit building. The small room was filled with all types of people and there were strobe lights along with loud music. The strobe lights distracted people from Brett’s awkward face. Perfect. There she was, the perfect
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