The Big Deal About The New Deal

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The big deal about the new deal
When looking at the new deal in the 1930’s it is hard to say anything with conviction. From the start of the great depression to the war little was black and white. The reasoning you gave to the situation would probably give a clue as to where you fit in the status quo. However, this paper is about bringing to light if I think the new deal was successful or not. In my opinion yes the new deal was a success, though not entirely in the way intended. To start off I should give a little background to help understand what the new deal was fighting, and I will stick more to the agricultural side of the depression in the interest of brevity. The main culprit that hurt the citizens of the U.S. was unemployment. This came about due to a couple of factors. But in my opinion the most important ones are credit, and deflation due to abundance. Both of these reasons abound in the agricultural sector of the time. With world war one being a catalyst farm size grew exponentially with the need to supply efforts overseas. This lead to the need to take out loans to buy expensive machines to work the larger areas. So when the war was over the farmers were still producing at the same quantities to try and maintain their farms. With all of this excess the prices on farm produce dropped to almost nothing. This is lead to many farms being foreclosed on. This was just one area where this happened similar situations occurred in the industrial sector with many…
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