The Big Five Personality Dimensions

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In assessment one, it is measuring an individual’s traits based on the Big Five personality dimensions. The Big five project asked a series of questions that calculated a score for each of the 5 traits; Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. At the end of this survey my results showed that on openness to experience I scored a percentile of 5. The assessment explains that lower scores tend to be display traits which of conventionalism, earthliness and a person who has narrow interest and may be uncreative. My results also showed conscientiousness, where I scored 83 which is on the higher percentile. These results displayed traits of reliability, organization, self discipline and the ability to be relied on. Thirdly, the Big Five results tested for extraversion that showed that I was placed in the higher percentile with a score of 70. The test results demonstrated that I am sociable, friendly, fun loving and talkative. Agreeableness was the next trait displayed that placed me in the 44 percentile. For this test It seems that I was in the middle percentile of being good natured, sympathetic, forgiving and very closely to the higher percentile of being critical, rude and harsh. Lastly, the neuroticism trait showed me a percentile of 80 that explained that I was high strung and generally a very anxious person. This test is used widely by psychologist to describe human personality and the reasons why some people may react differently to
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