The Big Fix At Toyota Motor Sales

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The Big Fix at Toyota Motor Sales Summary : According to Barbara Cooper “She describe the company that it is almost 1970 system management and somewhat insular IS organization she inherited when she joined the Toyota Motor Sales as CIO in late 1996”It was simply to say that the company was way back about almost 20 yrs with respect to the technology and network management the company has a lack of knowledge or expertise in delivering IS , the staff or personnel have no proper training and somewhat they are functioning as sales person basically the company does not understand the construction standard of the system integration of business benefits.” Cooper, was force to re structured her management plan by looking every…show more content…
Cooper was surprised to find the TMS team capabilities were not fully utilized and the IS/IT infrastructure was isolated because it was viewed as primitive,the bureaucracy in the company was evident also,a runaway IT cost ,misalignment between business and IT organization are not meeting business unit requirement on the ground that inability to articulate needs. Even though IT department exists in Toyota even before Cooper joined, there were no IT teams and no management support for this department and also no one understood the cost to deliver results. When new IT strategy of decentralized structure was introduced by Cooper there was difficulty in maintaining standards and slight loss of control, this caused change in roles and responsibilities of staff causing fear among them. There was no support from upper administration no one really knew the inner workings of IT and how can this be used for business benefits. Develop an alternative solution: Cooper’s strategy To resolve the IS-business alignment issues at TMS Barbara cooper focus her efforts on a strategic intent which “focused the energy of a decentralized, highly transparent IS organization on the company 's major business segments.”[1] Cooper then developed teams within TMS “each of which was provided with a project owner, team, and a mechanism for evaluating the team’s success”[2]. In her efforts to improve alignment cooper “identified and embedded in all the business
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