The Big Freeze

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Maria Rosario T. de Mesa 1POL1 December 10, 2012 1. Explain how the film shows the interdisciplinary relationship of the sciences. The film showed the interdisciplinary relationship of the other sciences by relating different sciences to another. The Big Freeze is a film about the climate change that is happening and has happened to the earth. We’ve all been wondering why these things happen and what caused it to happen. These past few years, especially in the Philippines, programs have been implemented like the eco bags, The Reuse, Reduce and Recycle to stop the climate change we have been experiencing. The film entitled The Big Freeze is also close to one of the possible scenarios predicted by scientists…show more content…
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most significant of these gases. The amount of naturally produced CO2 is almost perfectly balanced by the amount naturally removed through photosynthesis and its dissolution in oceans. However, the overuse of fossil fuels is leading to increased CO2 in the atmosphere, trapping more and more heat and warming the Earth. As a result, we’re seeing more dramatic weather patterns across the globe. 
The effects of Earth’s changing weather not only cause devastating natural disasters but shrinking of the world’s ice shelves and glaciers due to warming sea water. Because ice acts as a solar reflector, the less ice there is the less heat the Earth reflects. The climate plays such a major part in our planet 's environmental system that even minor changes have impacts that are large and complex. Climate change affects people and nature in countless ways, and it often increases existing threats that have already put pressure on the environment. But it is not a problem which has appeared overnight – its 30 years since scientists first alerted the world to the dangers of climate change. How much longer are we going to allow it to continue? The change in nature has serious implications for people and our economic system.
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