The Big History Of Modern Rifles

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The Big History of Modern Rifles An aspect of human development that perhaps few have investigated, but is arguable what makes humans very special is their ability to kill at a distance through the use of highly sophisticated modern weaponry. The M-1 Garand rifle was used on a massive scale by United States troops both in the European and Pacific theatres of war during World War II. What makes this rifle special is that it was the first of its kind adopted by any nation or country. The M-1 Garand is an example of a modern day semi-automatic rifle. Rifles that continue to fire at high rate are not only formidable weapons, but also they also represents human ability to consistently find ways to develop and innovate ways to kill at a distance and defend themselves. It also represents human ability to develop ways to shoot projectiles at a much faster rate, the ability to exploit and harness elements to create weapons, the ability exchange ideas and technologies through human interaction, and the ability to adopt new methods of warfare as a result of new technology. The evolution of the M-1 Garand can also help us gain insight into the human anatomy and how humans have developed their weapons in order to accommodate the structure of their bodies. Since the beginning of time humans have been trying to develop ways to new and innovative ways to put down stronger, larger animals, as well their enemies more effectively. The evolution of human weaponry from man’s early weapons to
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