The Big Hunting Game By Ernest Hemingway And Theodore Roosevelt

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The Big Hunting Game
Since ancient times, humans for the necessity of food, hunted wild animals, as they did not know how to organize a farm. They lived as nomads following the movement of their prey. Then the man began to breed animals, and this allowed him to have a fixed residence and hunting was no longer necessary, though not as much. Now, the hunt is no longer practiced for food, but for fun and sport, called Big Hunting. Captured and killed for trophies "sport "in Africa, the hunting of animals is a real business. The charm of the big game is never set; it is timeless. Past the period of the great explorations of the great Victorian and white hunters such as Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt, the desire to hunt and kill a big cat is still written in the genes of some. It feeds the fantasies of American hunters, that pay astronomical sums to kill a lion to show off as a trophy at their residence. Big Hunting is a new trend in sports today that has support from the conservationists as well as the hunters; however, the sport also sparks an ethical debate from the opponents of the Animal Rights and Fish and Wild Life Services.
According to Norimitsu Onishi, the big hunting game is associated with the haunting of Africa “Big Five” trophy animals. The “Big Five” animals hunted for the trophies are the Lion, the African Elephant, the White Rhinoceros, the Leopard, and the Cape Buffalo. In this wild game, we find the supporters that they support the cause of hunting

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