The Big Issue of Climate Change and Global Warming Essay

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Climate Change and Global Warming Climate change and Global warming is a big issue in the world today. One big thing is the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Effect is the capturing of the sun's warmth in the planet's lower atmosphere due to the greater transparency of the atmosphere to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation given off from the planet's surface. Greenhouse gases affect the temperature here on Earth by sunlight hitting the Earth. Then, carbon dioxide reflects the heat from the sun and traps the heat, keeping it on the Earth causing a rise in temperature. Global climate change means that there is a rise in temperatures on Earth. Statists say that the average temperatures around the world have climbed…show more content…
Global warming effects Maine in a lot of different ways. Lobstering is really big in Maine. It takes up to seven years for a lobster to grow to be legally harvestable. To grow, they shed their old shell and start growing a new one. This usually happens in the middle to late summer, but warming waters in the Gulf of Maine are thought to be causing an earlier shed, which can cause problems for the flow to market. Also being one of the nation's most forested state, Maine is expected to be effected a lot within the next decade. Some trees will flourish, others will disappear. Maine forests are getting wetter and warmer and more susceptible to different diseases and harmful pests. Animal populations are also effected by global climate change. Animals who are used to colder weather are now finding themselves in temperatures that aren't suitable for them. Species are traveling to accommodate to their needs. The Kyoto protocol is the first legally binding treaty aimed at cutting emissions of the main greenhouse gases believed to contribute to global warming. In 1997 world leaders adopted the Kyoto Protocol. It required rich countries to reduce their greenhouse gas production to 5.2%, or below the 1990 levels. The
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