The Big Questions Of The Force Awakens By David Johnson

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Topic: The speech that I had the opportunity to observe was called “The Big Questions of the Force Awakens,” which was given by David Johnson. The speech talked about some of the major questions and criticisms left by the movie as well as some philosophical topics that were thought to be discussed in the movie. Introduction: The speaker didn’t really open with a great grabber, all he did was ask us if we saw the movie and if we liked it. However, he made the presentation seem interesting because I liked the topic and he points he wanted to talk about I found very interesting. Dr. Johnson opened up as discussing his thoughts and some of the cool aspects from the movie “The Force Awakens,” he also then talked about the some of the…show more content…
Johnson wrapped up by restating some of the theories that he had made, followed by a question and answer session for the audience. I felt as if there really was not that great of a concluding statement, all that was really said was that he was really excited to see how they answer some of these questions in the next movie. Delivery: As I stated earlier, I felt as if Dr. Johnson overall had a good flow of speech, but at times spoke fast so it was hard to understand what was being said. Throughout the speech he used different tones of voice to convey different points and ask different questions to the audience about what he thought, he did this by raising of lowering the pitch at which he spoke at. I felt that the volume of the speech was appropriate for the topic and that we were in a large room so a louder voice was needed. Throughout the speech at times Dr. Johnson used gestures to mimic those in the movie to emphasize what he was talking about, I specifically remember one part in where Dr. Johnson mimicked the actions of Kylo Ren to emphasize the point of being hurt. It was very easy to the that Dr. Johnson was very excited and enjoyed talking about the subject of Star Wars and Philosophy because of the joy he took talking about the points, making jokes, and the amount of research that had been done. Speaker’s Perception of the Audience: I felt like throughout the speech, Dr. Johnson attempted to get the audiences interest by including humor in

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