The Big Short By Michael Lewis

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The When you think of societal importance, we tend to think of how something will affect the social order of society. After reading all three of the books, it was challenging to choose just one of them to write about. Each one played its own part of significance from women rights, economics tragedy, and exploring the universe. Considering all three of these books were well crafted, THE BIG SHORT by Michael Lewis reflects a template of our community. By showing what can happen if we continue to let the financial system run wild, then showing how it will impact us as an economy like it did in 2008. Two main factors that can be taken away from the book are: Economy and the way of living.
The overall resources that contribute to our successful growth defines our economy. In the 2008 crisis fortunes were lost due to big banks greediness sending our economy into recession. Our economy is everything around us what we live in, see, breathe, feel, explore, and enjoy. Once that goes away or starts to diminish, that’s when we need to review our financial strategies to make a positive change. Events like the loss of jobs, homes, and communities that were impacted severely by the crisis, do not feel that impact again or at least not for quite sometime.
Take Venezuela for example, which is currently in a huge economic decline in their country, leaving chaos, fear, and hunger throughout their communities. Much to comparison to the 2008 crisis in the United States, just not to that same…
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