The Big Short : Film Review

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THE BIG SHORT: FILM REVIEW The Big Short (2015) is a film that follows “three separate but parallel stories of the U.S. mortgage housing crisis in 2005. The two main stories include, Actor Christian Bale, who plays the role of Michael Burry, a hedge fund manager that believes the U.S. Housing market is built on a bubble, which is about to burst. He bets against the housing market and banks, who are happy to accept his proposal for something that has never happened in American History. Jarred Vennett, played by Ryan Gossling, catches wind of what Burry is doing and makes a call to Mark Baum, played by Steve Carrell, who is an idealist that is fed up with the corruption in the financial industry. Together, they discover most mortgages are being overrated by the bond agencies, with banks collating all the sub-prime mortgages under AAA packages. All three stories were betting against the U.S. housing market under the premise that the banks were too stupid to know what was going on, while for them to win, the general economy has to lose, which means the suffering of the general investor who trusts the financial institutions” (Hugo, IMbd). While the film focuses on the investors gain by betting against the market, there are many contributing factors that led up to the fall of the U.S. housing market. Reem Heakal with Investopedia notes that, “in 1933, in the wake of the 1929 stock market crash, during a nationwide commercial bank failure and the Great Depression, two members of
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