The Big Short, My Interest Grew And The Movie Essay

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It is said that when an event of extreme importance happens our brain remembers where we were, how we felt and what we were doing when the event took place. This applies to me as I remember precisely how my dad was driving me back from school when he heard at the radio the collapse of Lehman Brothers, he knew that our lives and the entire economy was about to change in a way I could not even imagine. At the time I was a young middle schooler and was not capable of understanding fully what the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was about and still today my knowledge of the subject is too limited to firmly grasp the concept, however thanks to the movie “The Big Short” my interest grew and the movie helped me understand what have may been the causes in a more simple way. Being that my opinion is that the GFC can not be only attributed to a mortgage problem but rather to a whole failure in a system we have always been told to trust. There is no argument that the american housing market played a big role and was probably the spark that helped tear down the U.S. and consequently the world economy but the crisis goes beyond that. According to Peter Yeoh, a law researcher and financial law services lecturer for multiple United Kingdom universities, the present GFC is not only one of the “largest socio-political-economical events since the 1950s” but it has also developed through four stages and is probably now entering a fifth one. In “Causes of the global financial crisis: Learning from
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