The Big Sleep

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Mathew Martinez Rosenberg Engl. 1147-104 Essay 5 4/18/12 Artificially Realistic: The Contradictions of the Detective Genre Raymond Chandler is a writer against the notion of the artificial detective story. He believes that the detective story should portray realism. However, the genre of realism is often seen as a boring style of writing that lacks the weight that an otherwise artificial story would sustain. Chandlers statements issued in “The Simple Art of Murder” are quite contradicting to the product that he provides for his readers in his “realistic” detective agendas. While the characters of the story The Big Sleep can be seen as very real individually, it is when Chandler brings the characters together for the purposes of…show more content…
The realistic murder is very boring and very analytical in nature. The artificial murder provides depth to its reader and poses a sense of adventure in the text. Chandler seems to take a little bit from each and incorporate them into one story taking elements from both the analytical and the adventure. The detective genre according to Chandler should be a form of entertainment that is respectful. And with the contradictions that Chandler illustrates in his detective stories between the artificial and realistic, analytical and adventure, his capacity to incorporate all of these different styles has allowed him to essentially be a pioneer to the “American Detective.” The realist in murder writes of a world in which gangsters can rule nations and almost rule cities, in which hotels and apartment houses and celebrated restaurants are owned by me who made their money out of brothels, in which a screen star can be the finger man for a mob, and the nice man down the hall is a boss of the numbers racket; a world where a judge with a cellar full of bootleg liquor can send a man to jail for having a pint in his pocket, where the mayor of your town may have condoned murder as an instrument of money-making, where no man can walk down a dark street in safety because law and order are things we talk about but refrain from practicing; a
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