The Big Time College Sports

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In this era of big-time college sports, it seems the main focus of Division I athletics evolves around the money that schools and conferences make through different deals. These deals typically involve television rights for individual conferences with major television networks. Currently the NCAA has a 14-year, $11 billion TV deal with CBS and Turner Broadcasting for the NCAA basketball Tournament, and this upcoming year ESPN will pay around $470 million to broadcast the new college football playoffs. The majority of this money is streamed to a teams athletic departments via their respective conference. The largest percentage of this money goes to teams that perform well on the field and on the court. Therefore the size of a school’s…show more content…
Followed closely behind is the ACC at $240 million, the Big 12 at $220 million, and lastly the SEC at $205 million (the SEC Network that launched this past August should eventually launch the conference to the top of this list) (Smith). Each conference’s deal differs, so I will look at each individually conference. The first and most profitable one is the Big Ten. Big Ten The Big Ten is known as the conference “where the money is.” Year in and year out the Big Ten has the highest revenues. This can be credited to the prospering Big Ten Network. The Big Ten the first major conference with their own network, most major conferences have now established a conference-affiliated network. The conference’s revenues are expected to grow annually, and 12 of 14 Big Ten schools are expected to gain $44.5 million during the 2017-18 year, the first year of a new television deal (the two schools that are not projecting these numbers are Maryland and Rutgers which just officially joined the conference this past summer and can not receive their full share until 2020-21). Along with their Big Ten network deal, the conference also has a 10-year TV rights deal with ESPN worth close to $1 billion that will be expiring in 2016-2017. While negotiations have begun to renew this contract, it is likely that Fox will become a
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