The Big Uneasy By Harry Shearer

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“The Big Uneasy” by Harry Shearer is a documentary about the disastrous flooding of New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina in a different viewpoint. While mass media describe the flood as well as the hurricane as a natural disaster, Shearer claims that the flooding was actually a man-made disaster, not a natural one; and the film contains comprehensive investigations with scientific data to support the claim. “The Big Uneasy” highlights on the ineffective design and maintenance of the flood-protection system, as well as the engineering structure of the Mississippi River’s waterway in the city. Severe environmental damages due to poor infrastructural planning also ruin the natural flood barrier of the region. Furthermore, these problems…show more content…
Go”. Mr. Go is a 76-mile canal that was constructed in 1968. The Corps stated that this canal could reduce the time and distance needed for ships to travel from the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans. Before “Mr. Go” was built, the Corps claimed that the canal would help the city develop and make profits. However, a statistic shows that only an average of ten seagoing vessels goes through the canal every year. Moreover, the vessels carry most basic goods such as toilet papers. This waterway does not only have no economic benefits, it was also a path that allows the water from the Gulf of Mexico to directly enter New Orleans, which collided with the Industrial Canal during the hurricane. This collision created an approximately of the 800-foot breaching, which let the flood enter the region. As the result, 80 percent of New Orleans was under the water. The Corps’s poor planning left the population of New Orleans in a vulnerable situation during the Katrina. Nevertheless, New Orleans faced another problem that not only had worsen Katrina’s impacts, but also forced many New Orleans’s residents to leave the land. The Corps’s effort to “dry” New Orleans has ruined the natural flood barrier of the region. The Corps built pumping systems and canals to bring water out of the levees so that the city is protected from

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