The Biggest Advantages And Disadvantages Of Distance Education In Kuwait

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Education Development in Kuwait
Education has done a noticeable effect in development over the years, demonstrating a remarkable shift in Kuwait development, as well as in the world collectively. The factors that distinguish Kuwait now from Kuwait in the past are human resources and rapid development. Irrespective of illiteracy in the past, Kuwait has done a giant leap to accomplish literacy to the population through encouraging and offering free education to their citizens. As a result, Kuwait education enhanced their infrastructure, financial, health, and technological support. However, comparing Kuwait to other developed countries, it is noticed that those countries are having new techniques and methods of teaching students, which are
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A unique advantage of technology which further promotes the major role it plays in today’s learning is distance education, which relies on students’ learning experience outside the borders of the classroom. Distance education refers to a prearranged curriculum of instruction in which the instructor and students are physically separated to distributed education and open learning (Pandey, 2017). The greatest advantage of distance education is that it is accessible to students anywhere and anytime at their own pace. Online classes include discussion boards posting collaborative projects and game-based activities. Unfortunately, Kuwait’s ministry of education rejected distance education and its governorates insisted on physical attendance of classes, while the world education is heading toward distance education (Pandey, 2017). There is a range of benefits for taking distance learning which include flexibility and making learning convenient for students with a busy lifestyle as they can choose when they want to study. In addition, it could make the students stay interested with innovating interactive resources. Distance learning offers an engaging alternative to traditional learning methods, the ability of networking by which it is possible for students to use video content to review the lessons. Moreover, there is a possibility that students play educational games which are related to the lesson and keep them motivated through their course. As shown above, Kuwait must acknowledge distance education which will expand their education by providing the needed funding to turn such an enhancing experience into
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