The Biggest Change Of My Life

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The Biggest Change of My Life Where are we, I am asking my parents as I awaken from the back seat of our family car, it fills as if the sun is only miles away from me. I cannot believe that we have moved to the desert, ok not really, but Pecos, Texas feels like the desert. As we are coming into downtown, do not blink you may miss it, the sign on the bank reads 110 degrees and it is 1:09 in the afternoon. This is the first move that I can remember, I was 12 and it had changed my world completely, my two best friends, Febe and Angela will start a 8th grade without me I remember the three of us walking into Mathews Jr. High, on our 1st day in 7th, Febe said that the three of us would be a force to be reckoned with. I feel water in my eyes, my headache has returned, my chest is hurting also. My parents have made the decision to move us from Lubbock to Pecos. I am in no man’s land, I see a Sonic Drive In, no signs of Burger King or Mikey D’s, just local restaurants, where have you taken me to, I am thinking and really wanting, an unrealistic answer. We continue on, through the town we pass a school that does not look the school in Lubbock, my school was two story and it had two large gyms along with a great space in front by the flag pole, my friends would meet every morning and discuss what the happening were, I can hear our conversations, Angela, making reference to the three way call that we had the night before with Ashone Johnson, he was our crazy friend that we only

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