The Biggest Drug Trafficking Organization

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Located in Colombia, the city of Medellin was one of the biggest drug trafficking organizations in the world since the 1970’s. During the early 1970s the demand for cocaine spreads rapidly in the United States, the limited raw supplies produced in Colombia were build up with coca paste imported from Bolivia and Peru, refined in "kitchen laboratories" in Colombia, and smuggled into the United States. Medellín criminal networks during the mid-1970s transform the cocaine transportation system from petite activities into enormous airlift operations. During the late 1970’s through the earliest 1980’s, Griselda Blanco started incorporate into the drug industry. She was known as the “Cocaine Godmother”, “Black Widow”, and/or “Queen of Narco-trafficking.” While during about the same period time, Pablo Escobar raised himself to become one of the major drug dealers. He was known as “The World’s Greatest Outlaws”, “Sir Pablo”, “the Godfather”, “the Boss”, “the Lord”, “the Magician”, and/or “Little Pablo.” He was the hardest cocaine dealer to catch. Blanco and Escobar were well known for taking advantage of Medellin 's’ (back then) conditions by easily transporting drugs from Colombia to the United States. Some of the things that contributed into those two people to become the biggest drug dealers, are how they were raised in their early childhood to early teenage years, and their natal country (back then) conditions, and how they mold themselves towards their raise to power.
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