The Biggest Slippery Slope-Personal Narrative

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I was running down the field against Inter Lakes biggest rival Moultonborough. As the ball floats through the air heading towards the goalie I know I can reach, but I knew it would be close. As I approached the now rolling ball, I realize that the goalie would make it just before me. Desperate for a goal I go to the last resort and decide to slide for the ball. I slide as quickly as possible which resulted in me getting the slightest of touch on the ball that it slips past the goalie. I now realized that I had a chance to score the goal I had worked for since the beginning of the game. With the goalie out of position, I go to propel my body back up with my hand. As my hand hits the frozen fall ground it bent back and the sound of my bone braking ran through my body. I have to get back up and score the goal my brain was saying but my body was in shock and I laid there in the cold grass. The ref blew the whistle and my good friend Brandon comes over to help me while the others tell my coach to get out on the field or wait for me to get back up. “You good?” asked Brandon. I responded with, “ Yeah I'm good but I broke my wrist.”. Brandon looked up and gave my coach a sign that something had broken. By then my coach had ordered everyone for some space and he knelt down and said, “Whats wrong”. “My left wrist broke” I replied…show more content…
Once we got to the hospital I had noticed that I still had my shorts and jersey on from the game. On top of that the bag of ice had a hole in the side and was leaking all over me and the hospital waiting room. Next to me an elderly couple was more than confused how I broke wrist after I explained I played soccer. Forty minutes later, I was finally getting a x-ray done and they did confirm it was broken. In result of the swelling I had to wait to cast and they temporarily gave me an arm
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