The Bilateral Relations Between Malaysia And China

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Malaysia is recognized as one of the Southeast Asia countries that have undergone economic prosperity. Therefore in this essay, I will argue on two major factors that have promoted the economic development in Malaysia which are the bilateral trade relations with China and the regional stability in Southeast Asia. In the first section of this essay, I will provide a brief overview of Malaysia’s economic development trajectory in the early post-independence period. Next, in the first part of the second section, I will highlight on the bilateral trade relations between Malaysia and China as the main factor for Malaysia’s economic expansion. Following the second part, I will emphasize on the importance of regional stability in Southeast Asia in facilitating Malaysia’s economic growth. Lastly, in the third section, I will provide the conclusion of this essay. Compared to other Southeast Asia countries, Malaysia had begun its self-government at a good pace with the economic sector as its focus. In the first decade of post-independence period, the government had implemented the Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) strategy to stimulate the economic growth and socio-economic modernization. It encouraged states to become less dependent on developed state while urging them to focus on domestic production to substitute the previously imported manufacturing goods (Dadzie 2013: 138). The implementation of this strategy had strengthened the country’s industry and triggered the
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