The Bilderberg Group Conspiracy Theory

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1- The Bilderberg Group Conspiracy Theory, S1 Ep 5.
In this episode of Conspiracy Theory, Jesse Ventura diverges down the path of investigating the secret society known as the Bilderberg Group. This group controls the money, the food, and the medicine of the world and this episode looks into what their most deadly conspiracy might be. This group consists of 120 people who ultimately control the world; they consist of the head of the World Bank, New York Times, Time Magazine, Royals, heads of Parliament, among many others. “Wealth is only as useful as the power you actually wield with it” and he believes that the group sent, the date for the invasion of Iraq, set oil prices, and caused the economic crash ultimately showing that they run the world (Estulin).
The Bilderberg group wants to decrease the population by 80% because they believe that they cannot control the current population (Jones). This is because the elitists want to only have their bloodlines be able to continue on and reproduce and populate and run the world. After Ventura’s research team goes out and investigates they believe that Bilderberg is poisoning the world’s food supply and poisoning the worlds medicine with the intent to reduce the worlds population and by ultimately becoming mass murders. Icke believes that Bilderberg will do this by targeting the human’s immune system, because all the additives that are put into food and drinks already target it. One example of this is aspartame in food that breaks

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