Essay about The Bilecki Family Risked Themselves to Save Jewish Lives

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The Bilecki Family

Paralyzing terror and enduring agony bind the characteristics of the Holocaust together. It expressed man’s carnal barbarism to the fullest with the rarity of human kindness to illuminate the darkness bestowed. Thankfully, there were some people who preserved the hope for humanity’s future. (The Shalom Show on TV) The Bilecki family were a part of the remarkable men and women who risked their lives to preserve others. Their heroism shone while conserving the lives of twenty-three Jews. Though their lives have been mauled and battered beyond compare, they continued to live an honourable life after the destruction caused by the Holocaust. The Bilecki family with their grace and lenity is a role model worthy of following.
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After a year without having the light of day reach their dimmed souls, the sounds of guns rang throughout the woods signaling the liberty of the clandestine Jews. The surviving Jews emerged from the safe haven finally feeling the reality of safety.

As the war dwindled down, the Bilecki family lingered to their Polish home. Though they were rich in heart, the friction between the slips of tinted cash and the jangling of the metal coins were the only sound that seemed to be worth hearing. Sadly, for them there was a lack of it. The Jews that they saved acted as their guardian angel, as the Bilecki clan did for them. From all around the world, across the sea, the Jews kept them from malnutrition and naked chills. It wasn’t until 1998 that the secret of the Bilecki kindness was unveiled. Not only did they get the recognition they deserve, the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous had planned an infinitesimal surprise. Waiting, as the sounds of aircrafts roared, stood five of the survivors the Bilecki family had guided to asylum. The vulnerability of the raw moment was exposed as they shared their tears. The applause throbbed emphatically like the robust flapping of an angel’s wings. Their life saving feat did not go unacknowledged by the Righteous Among the Nations. Their unselfish deeds of valor and grace set themselves into being heroes.

The Bilecki family are the epitome of a moral hero. Their
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