The Bill Of Rights And Freedom Of Freedom

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There are many Amendments in The Bill of Rights and all of the rights are to the constitution to the United States. The purpose of the The Bill of Rights is to protect individuals liberties. The Bill of Rights was written in 1789 and was ratified in December 15, 1791, James Madison wrote The Bill of Rights and he was the one to guide it through the New Constitution. The amendment that I chose was the First Amendment. The First Amendment is The freedom of religion and expression:the freedom of the press, the right to assemble to protest and petition the government. To me the First Amendment means that you have the right to freedom of expression and be allowed to express who you are without being judged. This amendment was added to The Bill of Rights and it’s for people to have freedoms in the U.S. This Amendment is important because if not there would have been many angry people in the U.S because they wouldn’t have any freedom to do anything.Some past issues are recording another citizen’s arrest which lead to getting arrested by the police for recording which violates what the First Amendment stands for. There are always two sides to anything and these are the two sides of the First Amendment. The first side, Side A is some believe that social media should censor what we show to everybody because everybody may be shocked by it. Another side, Side B is some people believe that social media shouldn’t censor what we post because people should accept how in the world it isn’t
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