The Bill Of Rights, And The Magna Carta

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The Bill of Right’s that the United States has was written years before the U.S. was even a young nation. Some of the wording, and the basic architecture was pulled from two other counties, mainly France, and England. (, 2016) from each of these countries our founding fathers had figured out what they needed to make this country thrive, and disperse the control of the government over different branches. (, 2016) As well as giving certain rights to the people who were to live in this country. (, 2016) This paper will give a look into the first few amendments of the Bills. It will also take a look into the states roles, when it is passed down from the rights that the federal government has reserved. I will be covering the topics listed below.
A. Compare and contrast the Bill of rights, and the Magna Carta.
B. Analyze 2 steps of the justice process from arrest to jail.
C. Identifying the amendment attached to arrest, search and seizure.
D. Compare and contrast probable cause, and suspicion.
E. Identify 2 areas where exclusionary rule does not apply.
F. One case or issue with the use of force.

Procedural Law and The Bill of Rights
With the bill of rights being the base for laws and procedures that not only govern the federal power but has been passed down to the state level for law enforcement in the following paragraphs we will look at the definitions, and comparison, and contrast between two parts first the search, and seizure,
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