The Bill Of Rights By James Madison

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The Bill of Rights, written in September of 1789, is a legal document that laid out the individual rights of the people, state, and the national government. The author of these rights was James Madison, a Virginia congressman who had proposed 19 amendments to the House of Representatives, though the original idea of the document came from Thomas Jefferson. 10 of these amendments made it through ratification by the states and, later on, became what is known as the Bill of Rights. Its name comes from England and refers to the Bill of Rights that Parliament enacted in 1689.
The creation of this national document had given individuals more rights while also granting the national government more power. The Constitution, being weak in the beginning, needed a stronghold, and the Bill of Rights was the document to push for national power and soothe a newborn country that feared losing the rights that they had fought so long for. A division of Federalists—who claimed a bill of rights was not needed—and the Anti-Federalists—who were fearful of an overly centralized government—caused long debate that halted the ratification of the Bill of Rights for almost four years. Finally, majority won in 1791 and the Bill of Rights were ratified. Americans were at ease as they realized their newfound government would not rid them of their rights as their old, oppressive monarchy had done in the years past.
This pursuit for their own rights showed that the American people, even after winning the…
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