The Bill Of Rights Of The United States

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Banks 1 From the time that the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1787, the definition of the second amendment had remained the same. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected into office and carried a gun rights enthusiast along with him. At the same time a Republican senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, was handed the reigns of chairman of an important sub-committee. Senator hatch stated that he had discovered proof that individual citizens could rightfully own firearms under the second amendment. The National Rifle Association then began biased studies to corroborate with Senator Hatch’s opinion. After many disagreements and debates, Senator Hatch rose victorious. “Ban guns and only criminals will have guns, we are told (Milligan, Susan).” Mrs. Milligan has a valid argument with the number of acts of violence committed with firearms by citizens with no prior violent criminal history, as well as children. There have been a number of seemingly avoidable murders committed with firearms in recent years and the count is steadily rising. I agree that there should be some precautions be in place in the process of buying and selling firearms, there should be a check on violent criminal history and unlawful tendencies. There are background checks in place and when you purchase a firearm it is registered to you and the serial number corresponds to your name in the governments system. Although these are valid points, gun control activists are calling for
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