The Bill Will Help American School Systems Improve Schools

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Section 1:
This bill will help American school systems improve by making changes to problems that have been ignored for decades.
Section 2:
It is interesting how the United States is seen as one of the world’s strongest economies while their school systems are so inefficient. The United States spends such a small amount of time improving and updating their education system which molds the minds of their future generations. American education is falling behind because the Nation refuses to make changes on helping schools get up-to-date while the rest of the Nation is evolving and changing. However, an educated America would help achieve two types of goals which are short term and long term. Short term benefits include shortening the expenses of incarceration, keeping children and teenagers off the streets and increase the number of people who go off to post-secondary institutions. Long terms benefits comprise of improving the economy by increasing knowledge of the future American workforce and improving communities given that people with a better education are less likely to be involved with gang violence or criminal activity. Reforming education will make schools more effective and will structure the success of future Americans.
“For generations, experts tend to blame failing schools on failing neighborhoods but reformers have begun to believe the opposite; that the problem with failing neighborhoods might be blamed on failing schools.”[1] Failing schools are responsible for…
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