The Bill of Rights Amendments

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The United States constitution has an amendment process that has been included in the Bill of Rights. The amendment allows Americans to make changes to the September 17, 1789 United States Constitution, that was ratified and made law (Zink 450).. The amendment process has made it possible for the constitution to change moderately, than being overhauled, and it has been changed to adhere to the current times and changes. The Second Amendment to the US constitution is part of the Bill of Rights that guarantees all American citizens the right to keep and bear arms. This amendment gives citizens right to own a firearm. The right to bear arms and gun control is the most controversial amendment that has raised heated debate, among Americans. …show more content…
American citizens have been given a right to firearms, and this right should not be infringed. Opponents of this right to firearms argue that, citizens should not be allowed the right to firearms. Their main reason is that, it will help curb violence cases by guns. This has been challenged because; criminals will still acquire firearms illegally and continue terrorizing citizens because, they are fully aware that, they are not armed. Moreover, according to Winkler (89), “Guns do not kill people; it is people who kill people,” and so, denying citizens the right to own guns will not stop any violence. Likewise, the society will not be safe as there will be an increase in violence and criminal activities because the citizens have no firearms to defend themselves.
Furthermore, opponents on gun restrictions argue that, the government should not control gun ownership to the extreme, but give them freedom town guns since it is their constitutional right. They argue that, gun control does not help reduce crimes; instead, gun related crimes will likely go up. According to them, criminals to steal and even murder will target helpless citizens without firearm. However, if they are allowed to use guns, this will be the most effective way of self-defense (Carter 102). Therefore, all citizens
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