The Billing Of Billing Medicare

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The billing for services not rendered for are often done as a way of billing Medicare for things or services, that basically never occurred. This can involve forging the signature of those enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, and the use of bribes or as Healthcare calls it, kickbacks to corrupt healthcare professionals. Upcoding of services is the act of billing Medicare programs for services that are more costly than the actual procedure that was done. Upcoding of items is also very similar to upcoding of services, but it involves the use of medical equipment. For example, billing Medicare for a highly sophisticated and expensive wheelchair, while only giving the patient a manual wheelchair is upcoding of items. Duplicating claims occur when a provider does not submit exactly the same bill, but alters small things such as the date in order to charge Medicare twice for the same service rendered. Therefore rather than a single claim being filed twice, the same service is billed two times in an attempt to receive payments from the government twice. Unbundling involves bills for particular services are submitted as fragmentary, which appear to be staggered out over time. Although, these services would normally cost less when bundled together, but by manipulating the claim, a higher charge is billed to Medicare resulting in a higher pay out to the party committing the healthcare fraud. Excessive services occur when Medicare is billed for something greater than what the level of
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