The Billionaire Genius : The Billionaire Genius

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The Billionaire Genius - Tony Stark
To be a hero one must always be righteous so the greater good of mankind is achieved. The hero, Tony Stark also known as Iron Man, is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist. Tony Stark has changed over the years to fit the current theme of an era. Iron Man is Tony Stark like Bruce Wayne is to Batman. Iron Man is one of Marvel’s iconic superheroes because of his moral description, his parallelism to an American figure and, the present day Tony Stark connection to his suit like an average man.
Tony Stark’s morality has changed over the course of his life by having him die a symbolic death and being reborn finding a new purpose in his life. At first, he was characterized as a man who did not care who was winning at war; he sold weapons and wanted to make profits. (pg 5) For an example in the article “The Comic Book as Symbolic Environment: The Case of Iron Man,” the author asserts that “Armor to operate properly, Stark made another detrimental sacrifice: his humanity. Pg 5-6 ” Tony connected himself through a machine that Tony himself stated, “Can the thing I have created survive? Pg 5-6" he asks himself "The thing which is less than human... yet, far more than merely human! Pg 5-6” Tony questions himself if the suit was a good idea for him to use because at first he was blood thirsty by being an arms dealer to the highest bidder for money. He realizes how something that’s not even human can make a better world. Tony decides to change his
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