The Biography Of Adam Smith

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The Biography of Adam Smith Adam Smith was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland in the year 1923, and died in the year 1790 at the age of 67 (Stewart, 1861). His exact date of birth is unknown but was baptized on 5th June 1723. His father was a prosecutor, advocate, and solicitor but passed on two months after his birth, leaving his mother to bring him up. His mother, Margaret Douglas, played a great role in his upbringing, especially in education. He joined the Burgh school where he learned history, writing, Latin and mathematics. He went to the University of Glasgow at the age of 14 where he studied moral philosophy; he also established his passion for reason, free speech and liberty (Stewart, 1861). In 1740, he entered Balliol College, Oxford where he undertook his postgraduate studies and became the first student to gain from the scholarship of John Snell. Conversely, his studies at Balliol College, Oxford did not contribute a lot towards his lifework as compared to his studies at Glasgow University (Stewart, 1861). His professional life began in 1748 when he began giving lectures in Edinburgh with the approval of Lord Kames. He met with David Hume in 1750 who remained one of his closest friends and source of influence in his professional life. Doors opened for him and in 1751, he was appointed as the professor of logic at Glasgow University and reassigned to the chair of moral philosophy in 1752. At this time, his lectures included the field of political economy, rhetoric,
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