The Biography Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Waylon Wishon English III Research Paper 16- May- 2017 The Biography of Edgar Allan Poe “Lord, help my poor soul”, the last and final words of the amazing writer, Edgar Allan Poe, before his sudden death in 1849. Edgar Allan Poe wrote dark and treacherous stories and poems that often lead to the questioning of his mental state. Poe lived a rather difficult life in which writing was his escape. He at one time was in so much debt that he could have never payed it back even if his career took off. No one ever knew what had happened to Poe, only that he was a drunk and was in a lot of debt. Edgar Allan Poe 's parents were both professional actors who did their job well. Edgars parents passed away when he was only three years old leaving…show more content…
. . . For God 's sake pity me, and save me from destruction” (“MPT: Knowing Poe: Poe 's Baltimore Letters”). Poe 's career began being the editor at Southern Literary Messenger. One of Poe 's strange twists is he fell in love with his thirteen-year old cousin, Virginia Clemm. Poe proved his theories through writing. Poe moved his family in 1845 to New York where he wrote one of his most famous short stories known as The Raven. The Raven was one of Edgar 's most famous works. It was wild and suspenseful and full of spine chilling mysteries. Sadly, The Raven was the pinnacle of Edgar 's life. Though it did not bring him success it brought him the fame he seeked, and his life went downhill from there. Poe purchased The Broadway Journal, a publication already heavily in debt. One day while his beloved wife was at the piano singing, she began to spit up blood, a sure sign of tuberculosis in that time. Soon after in 1847, Virginia Clemm passed away from tuberculosis leaving Edgar in grief. Poe once said “I was never insane….only on occasions when my heart was touched”. In 1848 Poe was remarried and sobered up. He joined a group called The Sons of Temperance, who forbid anyone to drink. No one knows what happened to Edgar. The
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