The Bioinformatics / Molecular Evolution Lab

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The purpose of the Bioinformatics/Molecular Evolution lab is to explore a particular protein given to us by its amino acid sequence. By entering this protein into the Entrez Protein Database in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and using tools within this database such as Jpred, SMART, and Protoparm, the given protein could be fully analyzed. This experiment was very successful as our particular protein could be identified, and the tools within the NCBI database allowed us to fully analyze both chemical and physical aspects of this protein.
Bioinformatics combines both aspects of biology and key components of computer science. When it comes to DNA, the smaller molecules that make up DNA, along with the sequence of these smaller molecules that align themselves beside a string of DNA, are what gives off the information necessary for an organism to both function and allow future organisms to form and progress. If these particular sequences are stored within a database, as seen done in applications of bioinformatics, then all the information that a particular organism has to both maintain itself and develop is both stored and readily accessible.4
The protein we studied within this particular lab was alkaline phosphatase, tissue nonspecific isozyme isoform 1 precursor and it originates in Homo sapiens. Our experiment was a success as many aspects of our analysis matched the public literature about this protein. Many times, this protein has a vital role in…
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