The Biological Approach : Mental Processes And Behaviors

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The biological approach examines mental processes and behaviors by focusing on genetics and physiology. Psychologists who use the biological approach believe that mental processes and behaviors are caused and explained by activity between the nervous system and the brain. The biological approach is very scientific; therefore, psychologists can perform consistent, measureable experiments to examine how our genes, neuronal activity, and neurotransmitters interact with our environment and how they influence our mental processes and behaviors. Psychologists performing such experiments have more control over their variables; thus, studies can be repeated to test how reliable they actually are.
Genes are a set of instructions that program an individual’s brain and body. Genes determine outer appearance, survival instincts, and behavioral characteristics. Therefore, genes can have an impact on mental processes and behaviors. For example, a person with Alzheimer’s disease has a malfunction in his or her set of genetic instructions. The malfunction in genetic instructions results in an abnormal protein buildup in the brain, which destroys neurons causing him or her to progressively forget memories and thought processes. Neurons are the basic building blocks of the brain and nervous system. They control our muscle movements and thought processes. If neurons are damaged people may experience difficulty in various cognitive and physical behaviors. Everything we do depends on neurons
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