The Biological, Psychodynamic And Psychodynamic Psychological Perspectives

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Psychological Perspectives
This assignment will be analytically comparing and contrasting the Biological, psychodynamic and Behaviourist psychological perspectives. This will be based on their different explanations of human behaviour and the management of mental illness in relation to practical application.
Behaviourists differ largely from other perspectives because they view environment as a key role in the development of human nature including personality and mental health. Behaviourists believe these environmental factors have been learnt through classical and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning involves learning by association, and operant conditioning involves learning from the consequences of behaviour.

Furthermore the biological perspective believes that all behaviour is determined by genetic, physiological and neurological factors. This approach believes illness such as chemical imbalances, genetic disorders and mental health is the major causes of abnormal behaviour.
Biological perspective is based on science, using quantitative and objective methods therefore a large number of resources and studies can be identified. Gottersman and shield’s (1991) twin study is a one of the most recognised biological experiments. The main aim of this study was to test different twin pairs and investigate the concordance rates of schizophrenia in twins. The results found there were a 48 per cent concordance rate among monozygotic (identical) twins and a 17 per
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