The Biological Theory And Gender Essay

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This has been a very interesting class and while reviewing for this paper, I realized I will take away more than I originally though in the way of instruction and understanding. When I first started, I assumed gender communication was how male and females communicate. While I still hold to some of my original theory’s regarding gender, many of my views have changed. Additionally, this study as made me aware of what a complicated issue gender is going way beyond the male female sex. In our reading, Wood states (2009) We are born male or female (sex), but we learn to act in masculine and/or feminine ways (gender) (Woods, p. 23). We examined three theoretical approaches to Gender in an effort to understand why we act feminine or masculine. These theories not only provide information, but influence our thoughts and behaviors towards others (Woods, p. 39). The Biological Theory maintains biological characteristics are the bases of gender differences a sub group within this is Sociobiology or the evolutionary theory whose focus is on reproduction to ensure survival. (Woods, p. 40,41). Interpersonal theories include the psychodynamic theory stating it is the first relationship that establishes gender identity, Psychological theory focusing on communication as the key to gender identity, Social learning theory states we learn how to act masculine and feminine from the responses of those around us, with the Cognitive Development theory focuses on gender consistency and that
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