The Biological Weapons Of The Field Of Biotechnology

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hnology can be defined as using living organism or their components to change or create material for specialized use. Biotechnology is a relatively new term but it has been used for centuries in a variety of civilizations (Gossett & Kähler, 2014). The field of molecular biology has drastically progressed the field of biotechnology essentially operating on higher order of magnitude than our ancestors. With more knowledge of genetic material and metabolic functions, scientists have been capable of extraordinary feats from gene therapy to genomic sequencing. The advancements in biotechnology and in other research areas has also increased the potential misuse of scientific research that could be used to harm humanity and the world instead of help it. This concept has been dubbed dual-use research and defined to be technology that could be used for general public and combat purposes (Rath et al., 2014). The possible usage of biological weapons (BW) has increased with growing technology and disputes amongst nations. The use of genetic engineering has greatly opened opportunities for specifically generated weapons to be produced. The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) has stopped production and storage of BW but select parties are permitted to study and perform research on potential BW as long as it’s for neutral or beneficial objectives (Biological Weapons Convention, 2001). These conditions have inflicted major concern within the general public and inaugurated major ethical
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