The Biological and Psychological Impact of Smoking Cigarettes

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The Biological and Psychological Impact of Smoking Cigarettes

I have been set the assignment to construct a detailed and comprehensive scientific essay. The essay must be related to an area of the AS course(AQA). I have decided to do my essay on the "biological and psychological impacts of smoking cigarettes". I will provide a brief section on the history of smoking and cigarettes. I will then discuss the composition and contents of cigarettes and the biological and psychological effects of smoking. I will make sure I cover each area in great detail, paying particular attention to the effects it has on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. I will also try to use a variety of sources in helping
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The chemicals in tobacco smoke are very poisonous and toxic. They cause a variety of different diseases all other the body. They affect the cardiovascular and respiratory system; they also have physiological impacts and are very closely associated with many types of cancer.

In 1936 an American doctor, Alton Ochsner was intrigued by an outbreak of lung cancer cases, which was extremely rare and unusual in those days as he himself had only encountered it once before. He investigated the patients and found that all of them were cigarette smokers(7). This led to an epidemiological study to be carried out in the UK and the USA. These studies concluded independently that smoking was correlated with lung cancer. Since then committees have been established. Many reports and investigations have been carried out concerning the health risk of smoking. After several experiments and tests scientists found the contents of cigarettes to be very alarming. From their testing and studies they found that smoking was very likely causing many other diseases(1).

From their chemical analysis of the composition and contents of the cigarette they found it to contain many toxic poisonous chemicals in the cigarette and the smoke emitted. From their research they found

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