Essay about The Biology of Breast Cancer

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Today in the United States, Breast Cancer occurs in about one in eight women which is currently the most common cancer among women. The number of cases is expected to decrease due to the advancements in technology and dedicated researchers. Scientists have put an estimated 4.8 billion dollars towards the research every year to help find a cure or a new treatment for breast cancer ("STAT Facts Breast Cancer"). Researchers have found causes, put in research and theories that help with understanding treatments, prevention and also common symptoms and coping mechanisms. II. Cause Breast Cancer, as well as other forms of cancer, scientists do know how it occurs, but they do not know an exact cause. There are some genes in our body called…show more content…
Within the past twenty years Breast Cancer research has expanded to six continents rather than one. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), is a distinguished group of nine men and women who are devoted to understanding breast cancer. The approach of BCRF allows them to move their ideas to patients quickly. “We empower researchers to utilize their grants to explore new theories, conduct pilot investigations and partner with fellow researchers from around the world to deepen their work and thereby improve their results” (BCRF), which shows how they are able to expand their ideas to others. The goal of BCRF is to make new discoveries and have new approaches to Breast Cancer. With all of the research that is put into Breast Cancer, the causes and preventions are able to be understood. IV. Risks and Prevention The risks of Breast Cancer can be reduced by a change of a lifestyle such as: controlling weight, staying physically active, limiting duration to hormone therapy, and avoiding radiation and pollution. Controlling your weight is a way to stay healthy in all aspects of life, however, gaining weight later in life is increasing the chance of developing breast cancer. In order to stay physically active you should have seventy five minutes of vigorous activity or one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. “Combination
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