The Biracial Population and Personal Identity

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In today’s society the high influx of interracial marriages between Black and White individuals has resulted in the biracial population increasing significantly over the past 30 years (Roth, 2005). According to the 2010 census, the number of American children that categorize themselves as biracial has increased to 4.2 million, making it the quickest emergent youth group in the United States (Census, 2010). This has led to interest in the biracial population; recent literature has shown that amongst many studies, “individuals perceive the relationship between their mixed parentage and their self identity differently” (Rockquemore & Brunsma, 2002). This is significant in the area of child development and family studies because self-identity…show more content…
Although this study furthers the understanding that the process of racial identity formation in biracial children may begin within the family it does fall short addressing some issues. By using Census data researchers could not foresee if the racial categories that were opted by families changed over time. Also this study lacks discourse on the influence that the factor of appearance can have on shaping racial identity in biracial children. To further explore the various ways biracial people understand their racial identity Rockquemore & Brunsma (2002), suggested that there is a multidimensional model for biracial identity, with biracial individuals creating numerous ways of understanding their racial identity. According to this model, biracials can choose to racially identify exclusively with one of their parents, that is they see themselves as exclusively White or exclusively Black. The border identity option is when individuals choose to blend their dual heritage and categorize their racial identity as exclusively biracial. The protean identity option suggests that biracials have multiple choices and can move freely between black, white, and biracial identities. They use whatever racial identity seems suitable depending on the situation/context. The last option identified by the multidimensional model is transcendent identity. Biracial who have a transcendent identity
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