The Bird Flew Away

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We still need to learn more about Henrique, the brother-in-law of Leôncio. He was an elegant and handsome young man of twenty years, frivolous, impulsive, and vain, as often are all youths, especially when they had the good fortune to have been born to a rich father. Despite those deficiencies, he had a good heart and a generous soul. He was a medical student, and since he was on vacation, Leôncio invited him to come visit his sister and spend a few days at the estate. The two young gentlemen arrived from Campos, where the previous evening Leôncio had gone to meet his brother-in-law. Only after Leôncio married, since before that he rarely stayed at the family home, he began to notice the extreme beauty and exceptional…show more content…
"For your age, you already have the marrow of a moralist! ... Don't worry about it, my boy; your sister isn't so suspicious, and she's the one that likes Isaura seen and admired by everybody. And she's right; Isaura is like an extravagant art piece, which should always be displayed in the parlor. You want me to send to the kitchen my mirrors of Venice?" Malvina, coming from the interior of the house, cheerful, fresh, and happy as a spring morning, interrupted their conversation. "Good morning, lazy gentlemen!" she said with a clear and pleasant voice that reminded the listener of the chirp of a swallow. "At last you got up!" "You're very happy today, my dear," her husband replied smiling. "You saw the blue bird of happiness?" "Not yet, but I will; I am cheerful, and I want today to be a day of celebration for everyone. However, that depends on you, Leôncio, and I was eagerly awaiting for you to wake up; I want to tell you something; I should have already told you yesterday, but I was so pleased to see my ungrateful brother, whom I haven't seen for so long, I forgot ..." "What is it? ... Tell me, Malvina." "Don't you remember a promise, that you always make me, a sacred promise, that long ago should have been fulfilled? ... Today, I absolutely demand it fulfilled." "Truly? ... But what promise?

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